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NECC 65th Annual Meeting and Leaders Forum, CoBank Customer Meeting

The 65th NECC Annual Meeting and Leaders Forum, "Strategic Decision Making Through Tactical Leadership" and the CoBank Northeast Customer Meeting will be held March 27-28, 2014 at the Albany Marriott, Albany, NY. Selected topics for the Cooperative Leaders Forum include risk evaluation in a global economy, succession planning for cooperative boards and management, messaging for members, and enhancing critical decision making skills. Learn more about the Leaders Forum and CoBank Customer meeting here.
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National Council of Farmer Cooperatives, 85th Annual Meeting

February 12-14, 2014, New Orleans, LA

Northeast Cooperative Council

The Northeast Cooperative Council is a not-for-profit organization of agricultural and rural electric cooperatives, Farm Credit Associations, and their professional advisors doing business in New York State, New England, and Pennsylvania. The Council works to provide information, education, and leadership training to cooperative boards of directors, managers, future leaders and employees.

The NECC Annual Meeting and Leaders Forum is held each March in conjunction with the CoBank, ACB Northeast customer meeting.

Biennially the NECC sponsors the Future Cooperative Leaders Conference. The most recent conference was held in 2013 and co-hosted by Upstate Niagara Cooperative, Inc. and Farm Credit East, ACA, Batavia, NY. The next Future Leaders conference will be held in 2015.

Cooperative Notes, the Council’s newsletter is made available quarterly.

The Executive Secretary’s Corner focuses on a timely issue relevant to NECC members.

The NECC is presently developing new opportunities to support the efforts of college students to learn more about the unique nature of a cooperative business.

Welcome to the Cornell University Cooperative Enterprise Program

The program focuses on agriculture, food system, and rural-based businesses and associations. The program is a resource for people desiring to form a cooperative or learn more about the unique nature of a cooperative-structured business, and for cooperative leaders as they govern and manage these unique member-owned companies.


  • A cooperative-structured business is well-managed and properly governed to enhance the lives of its member owners and employee
  • Cooperatives are viewed as a viable business model to address economic challenges
  • Cooperative businesses enhance the communities in which they are located or do business.

The Cooperative Enterprise Program is available to assist with other 'group-action' efforts of persons belonging to a member organization or persons interested in forming a member-based association to address an economic need or acquire a necessary service to build success in the farm and food sector.


  • To provide researched-based information to cooperative leaders and members that will strengthen cooperative businesses
  • To communicate the value of a cooperative business as a means to enhance the vigor of rural communities
  • To work in partnership with the Northeast Cooperative Council to provide networking and learning opportunities
  • To support formation of cooperative businesses or "group-action" groups to strengthen the farm and food sector
  • To collaborate with other University Cooperative Academic Centers, Cooperative Development Centers, community economic developers, and other government agencies to enhance the economic vitality of cooperative businesses.

profit seminar


The Cornell University College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, other land grant universities, and the United States Department of Agriculture have developed information and financial calculators useful to cooperative leaders and their members.

Resources available include:


For Students

AEM 3260 Cooperative Business Management
Focuses on economic justifications of cooperatives as a business entity; discusses the distinctive characteristics of governance, finance, and management; and contemporary issues facing agribusiness cooperatives.

AEM 4040 Farm Credit Fellows
Focuses on financial management for agriculture and agribusiness. Farm Credit Fellows are selected in the spring of the junior year. Selected students gain in-depth understanding of the Farm Credit System.

The Northeast Cooperative Council provides opportunities for interested students to attend their annual Leaders Forum held in March of each year.

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