The NECC’s signature event is the annual Cooperative Leaders Forum held in conjunction with the CoBank Northeast customer meeting. Cooperative board members, management teams and staff attend the event. The Cooperative Leaders Forum  provides a means where cooperative leaders come together to discuss issues of concern, i.e. cooperative governance and fiduciary responsibilities, member relations, industry trends, risk management, etc. Leaders note that informal networking opportunities at NECC events build relationships, which result in greater ease when formalizing business agreements. Student participation at NECC activities has led to students obtaining employment with cooperatives post-graduation.

Cooperative Leaders Forum Directors

Directors say:

“Speaker content excellent!”


“Loved the director breakout.”


“Succession planning and tips and tools were excellent.”
“It’s good to have the ‘reminder’ of doing due diligence as a director.”

Cooperative Leaders Forum Managers Say

Managers say:
“Speakers did a great job talking about big data & impact on strategic planning.”
“We need to formalize our risk management strategies.”
“Good discussion about the co-op value research.”
“The board chair panel was excellent and well-selected.”


Cooperative Leaders Forum Students Say

Students say:

“A chance to work with farmers and help producers makes me want to work for a co-op.”

“A great learning experience.”

“The internship programs can be beneficial since it will help me develop better as a professional and as a person.”

“A great learning experience.”