Considering Cooperation, A Guide for New Cooperative Development lists the 6 phases of cooperative development, pitfalls to avoid, and questions to ask when forming a cooperative or other group-action business. Link:

Vital Steps: A Cooperative Feasibility Study Guide outlines the process to undertake the formation of a cooperative and the steps to develop a feasibility analysis.

Sample Bylaws Project published by the National Council of Farmer Cooperative’s Legal, Tax, and Accounting provides content and commentary regarding necessary legal documents to form an agricultural cooperative.


U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives, Democracy at Work Institute (DAWI) resources to start a worker cooperative or convert an existing business to worker ownership.

National Association of Housing Cooperatives: Developer’s Toolbox

Cooperative Development Fund Home Care Cooperatives

Childcare Cooperatives

Artists Cooperative

Federation of Southern Cooperatives: Cooperative Development

USDA Cooperative Business Service and Development Centers

USDA Rural Development, Cooperative Services

Cooperative Development Institute, Northampton, MA

Keystone Development Center, Ephrata, PA