The Northeast Cooperative Council (NECC) working with the Cornell Cooperative Enterprise Program remains a regional and national leader in developing and promoting quality educational programs for cooperative board members, management teams, employees, and professionals working with cooperative businesses. NECC and CEP activities have focused on improving the effectiveness of boards of directors, improving leadership skills of both current and future leaders, and improving the understanding of the cooperative enterprise among a range of other key audiences and stakeholders.


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Recognizing a key need to support ongoing efforts in cooperative leadership development and research, NECC leadership established the Cooperative Leadership Fund. The fund is a donor advised fund managed by the Cornell University Foundation.

Purpose of the Fund

The purpose of the fund is to support the expansion of knowledge about the cooperative business model and to strengthen cooperative leaders through:

  • Offering quality educational opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to study and conduct research on cooperative businesses
  • Developing world-class outreach programs that deliver a high level of expertise to further the growth and performance of cooperative businesses
  • Creating a superior learning environment that inspires the development of cooperative leaders

Uses of the Fund

Monies from the fund are used to recognize outstanding students who intern with NECC member organizations via the Cooperative Internship Recognition award. Funds are also utilized to offset costs of college and university students to attend the NECC Cooperative Leaders Forum. Funds are used to support outreach and education efforts focused on the cooperative-structured businesses in the NECC service area.

Making a Gift

Gifts are welcome from anyone interested in supporting the education and research goals of the Cooperative Leadership Fund. Donations can be made in honor of or in memory of anyone who has worked with cooperatives or had an interest in cooperative affairs. Contributions are tax deductible.

Individuals, cooperatives, and other organizations may support the fund with gifts such as cash, marketable securities, closely held stock, real estate or gifts-in-kind. Planned and estate gifts may be made to the fund.

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